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 The traditional African safari adventure was born in East Africa and now you can experience the celebrity on a safari of a lifetime. Images of the towering snow-covered cone rising majestically from fertile green foothills have become a powerful motif of these mountains extraordinary extremes. Enjoying exciting encounters with elephant, beautiful birds, buffalo, lions, leopards, buffalo, giraffe, cheetahs ,Impalas, wildebeest …monkeys …mention them all can be seen in one tropical country a paradise on earth. Give us the privilege of organizing for you the next safari adventure in Africa.

I don’t want to write here more about these guys, because you will get to know yourself about them, after visiting their Link.. But one thing I can say these guys are those guys who are really appreciable..

Story Of The Footloose

In the end all you want is a pen that writes well and a life that you’ve lived well…


Prashant Nawani, very creative, adventurous  and different and simple.. Please do visit his Link.. Thank you ! 🙂

Sarvesh Wahie


Creative and adventurous man … see his blog to know more about him .. 🙂


Sohrab Alam Ansari


Please do read my friend’s poems…. he has really good essence of poetry.. Please help and encourage him with your comments and suggestion.. Thank you !


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