The beauty of rising sun from the deep Sea !

The beauty of rising sun from the deep see !

The beauty of rising sun, when it is seen on beach.. it seems like sun is taking bath early in the morning .. the very hot sun, which is the ball of burning fire seems pleasant and the scene or the view which is created by its pleasant red light in the sky looks splendid. It seems like somebody poured some of colors in the infinite sky and some of are mixed in the huge see. It is really very Romantic.. for a moment i lose my existence and become enchanted in that sublime and splendid view of Nature.. its really awful and awesome !!!

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Happy or Unnoticed

Happy or Unnoticed

In the chilled winter, driving a tyre of bicycle, on the bank of river Kamla. An innocent girl. She was enchanted in her game. I could not understand whether she is happy or unnoticed.

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Broken things !


When heart is broken

pains remain for forever

When the lute is broken,

sweet tune comes never,

When the weir is broken

water stays no more

When the string is broken

pearls strew on floor..

not completed yet…

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Don’t kill my Poetry!


There is no poetry without women and nature.

They are the soul of Literature

mysterious and beauteous

adorable and admirable

unpredictable and unendurable

more you explore, more you find

So please don’t kill my poetry!

             _____rajeev raushan

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Pain in Rain !


I remember you in rain,

I feel hell of pain

My heart get lot of strain.


My heart is mourning

Only rain could listen

Because it is din in rain.


I remeber my pain in rain

I was waiting in the dark of rain

One kiss of yours can cure my pain.


I was still there for your warmth

But you didnt turn your face to see me again

And left this place with a hole inside my heart.


I remeber the voice of rain

Leave miles behind your pain,

The past was a bad dream that ended.


I break my silences and breathe again

My dreams turns into reality

My fear was washed away by rain

And my pain has tured into joy again.


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The beauty of rising Sun in the mist of Winter !


The warm sun is falling,

the vast mist is dying

the cold wind is parting

blithe Painted lady is dancing

the birds are flying,

the water is shining,

the pigeons are cooing

the nightingales are chirping,

flowers are blooming,

the black bee is humming

the peacock is fascinating.

         ____rajeev raushan

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Adventurous man wandering in exploration of the beauty of nature !


One is watching a thrilling nature,

adventurous and mysterious.

looking up at a beautiful creation.

wandering to explore

a splendid experience of nature

observing on the feeling of the beautiful and Sublime

in the beauty of nature

became enchanted.

he felt the spirits of nature.

          ____rajeev raushan

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