my dear fairy

What are you thinking my dear friend? Or are you lost in the circus of various desires within the fickle heart? I saw you in the moon night,  at the hill of Arawali,  there too you were thinking something. Maybe you were thinking of moon, were you?  No?  Then thinking about the dancing grass dancing with the blowing wind? No?  Then stone?  No? Maybe you were lost in fairy tale holding the light of moon and flying to moon, Yes? And night after night I used to look at moon,  I see you,  there,  on the hill again, thinking. What are you thinking my dear friend?… you are a fairy and flew home,  moon,… my guess was wrong. And then? What are you thinking now my dear friend? Thinking to go to Arawali Hill again? No? Thinking about the song you sung that night? Could you open your eyes and walk over the fear, I am again here and it is full moon, and the grass too dancing with the blowing wind, and I am leaning to the stone and you too. Could you sing the song again?


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