travel to Gaziantep, Turkey…

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Gaziantep, the city of Backlawava (special sweet). İ love sweets and so this sweet became the center of my attraction. Backlawava is really very heavy sweet and full of fıstık (pistachio). You will see in every pastry shop Backlawava. Gaziantep prepare the world’s best pistachio Backlawava. Hospitality is the another beauty of the city. There are many things to see in the city- the buzzing cafe culture and slow pace life will definitely awaken your dead spirit. Since the city is the oldest city of Turkey, it has many beautiful and largest Museums- the superb Gaziantep Zeugma Mosaic Museum one of the famous.

We were three Indian and invited to spend time at a farmhouse in Antep, where school’s children had come to spend their vacation. It was a place of  spiritual knowledge. No Phones. The surrounding of this place with mountains, hills and beautiful garden of many kinds of fruits was not only the spiritual environment but also giving peace to mind. I used to wish to be at such place where I could pluck fresh fruits with my hand and eat. That became true.


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