A beautiful and unforgettable journey to Gaziantep!

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I am very pleased to be in Gaziantep, the city of Backlawava (special sweets). I am leaving this place but my soul and mind will remained at this plac. I am taking all beautiful memories and best hospitality with me and keep alive forever in my heart and mind.

I came to Gazyantep on 11th of June, the oldest city of Turkey. I don’t know much history of this city. But what I know is that I will miss this place very much throughout my life. I stayed here 7days and lived with Nature, beautiful and admirable exhibition of Almighty God. I lived among many cute and lovely school kids at this School of ‘Jannat’. The surrounding of this place with mountains, hills and beautiful garden gave me not only spiritual feelings but also excite me to write something to praise God. I am drawn to exalt His beautification of this place. The pleasant weather and splendid view from the window of this school made me realize that this is the place which I was looking for. I was getting inner peace. The beautiful garden is full of verities of fruits trees and olive trees, which I used to dream to be at such place where I could pluck fresh fruits with my hand and eat. That became true. All praise to be God!! Really this place is awesome!!

How can I forget those kids, who are the spirit of my journey, those innocent and very cute children who are very loveable, cool and humble. It is my fortunate to spend some time with them in such environment. They know Turkish or Kurdish only. Only very few know little English, which is really not enough to converse. But I am truly saying that if you are sincere to someone you don’t need any language to communicate or converse or express. Your feeling and your heart will talk. I realized that.

They all are same for me so I can’t write all names here. All children were coming to me and saying Rajeev Abi, and trying to talk to me, wanted to express themselves. Some were trying to talk to me in English. I can feel them they love me and I loved them too much. They cooked food and served with infinite love. Chi-Koftah and sweet which was served in night after dinner are unforgettable. The prayer of ‘Isha’ and song which is sung together to exalt God with His various most beautiful names, I want to pray and sing with them always. Many things I want to write about them. My feelings for them are endless but my words are unfortunately limited.

On Thursday some of students were leaving for their home. I was unaware of it. They came to me and told me in broken English Rajeev Abi tonight we are leaving for home. I will miss you very much. These words were enough to make me emotional. They made me realized that you will also have to leave this place on 18th of June. I never thought like this. I had forgotten everything in their love and sincerity. I didn’t want separation from them. It was really very hard time for me. They asked me Rajeev Abi do you have facebook or any E-mail, so we can keep in touch? This gave me little relax. But still I am sad from this separation. I will go back to India. I will not come to this place again to see them. That thing was hurting me more. One thing which was consoling me that I will pray we will meet again hereafter, where we will be together for forever. The thing which we wanted to say and express we will share hereafter. I love you all my hereafter brother. I love you very much.

I recall the lines of Risale-Nur- God is the sustainer of the heaven and earth and He created the Heaven and Earth. He is the sustainer of all the Worlds and Just Monarch!!

Today, I am leaving this place. I am very pleased to see them, but same time I am hurt to get separated from them. At this situation line of Nursi comes in my mind. He says who will explain this situation if there is no hereafter?? If there is no hereafter then there will be a big unjust. My eyes are wet, my heart got strain, but still I am happy to meet them. I have nothing to give them now, but the most important thing which I have to give them is love and suggestion for reading Risale-Nur always, which will protect them from bad things and keep connected with God always. If you read Risale, I will feel connected with you always, no matter how far I am.

May God keep you always protected; bless you with lots of love and happiness!! Amen !!

Salam ve Dua ile!


About writeyourfeelings

We born, we grow up, spend some time here and then die. But in reality, we wish to live forever. Our writings keep us alive forever. Writing never dies. Thousand years ago, people used to draw, paint and use signs to communicate. Living in caves, they drew and painted on rocks in order to preserve knowledge systems for future generations. Written records are the perfect resource of knowledge, through which we not only get to know the cultural, social and political developments in society but also the feelings and thoughts associated with individual. Overtime, humans developed many other ways to store and transmit information. Writing gives us access to knowledge. Writing is an activity of absolute freedom of an individual. So let’s write our feelings.. Let’s come together and express our ideas, feelings and views through writing.
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