A trip to Gazyantep, Turkey

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Life capital is very little and work to be done is much!! A beautiful and unforgettable 8 days trip to Gaazyantep is going to over. How time has passed away I did not get time to realize it.

On 16th, I had long journey from Antep to Diyarbakar via Urfa by car. The view on the way was splendid, pleasant and awesome, which not only pleased and fascinated me but also gave me inner peace and beguile my mind and heart. The road is passing through sometimes hills, planes and sometimes cities. Hills and planes seem like, there was cats and dog of stones, are full of big stones and arranged in such fashion which seems like carpets of stones have been spread on them, seems like virgin areas, no one has touched touch it, seems like true surface of earth like when we see the surface of moon in night. It seems like far away sky and earth are meeting together. I can’t stop myself to express but my words are unfortunately limited.

I visited Urfa. Urfa is 2 and half hours far from Gazyantep by car. On the ways I enjoyed a lot beautiful hills and very straight roads of Turkey through hills. Urfa is very historical place. Some historians argue that the history of Civilization began in Urfa. Remains of houses which are dated back 10,500- 11000 years. Some historians claim that our fellow human beings built first houses in History in the fertile Area near Balikligoel 13,500 years ago. World oldest statue, a 2 meter high statue of male discovered in Balikligoel in 1993. In 1995, 11,500 years old Temple discovered in Balikligoel.

Urfa is city with more than 490,000 inhabitants in south-eastern Turkey and Capital of Shanhurfa Province. This city is mixed with Turkish, Kurdish and Arab population, situated on plain about 80 km east of the Euphorate River. Climate is extremely hot like Delhi, dry summer and cool, moist winter.

Urfa was conquered repeatedly throughout history.

For Armenians, Urfa is holy place; they believed that Armenian Alphabet was invented there. According to tradition, Nimrod had Hazrat Abraham immolated on a funeral pyre, but God turned the fire into water and the burning coals into fish. The pool of sacred fish remains to this day.


About writeyourfeelings

We born, we grow up, spend some time here and then die. But in reality, we wish to live forever. Our writings keep us alive forever. Writing never dies. Thousand years ago, people used to draw, paint and use signs to communicate. Living in caves, they drew and painted on rocks in order to preserve knowledge systems for future generations. Written records are the perfect resource of knowledge, through which we not only get to know the cultural, social and political developments in society but also the feelings and thoughts associated with individual. Overtime, humans developed many other ways to store and transmit information. Writing gives us access to knowledge. Writing is an activity of absolute freedom of an individual. So let’s write our feelings.. Let’s come together and express our ideas, feelings and views through writing.
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