travel to Urfa, Turkey

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On 16th, We start long road trip from Antep to Diyarbakar via Urfa by car.  The road is passing through sometimes hills, planes and sometimes cities. Hills and planes seem like, there was cats and dog of stones, it was full of big stones and those stones were naturally arranged in such fashion as if it is a carpet of stones, seems like virgin areas, no one has touched it, seems like true surface of earth as when it is seen from moon. It seems like far away sky and earth are meeting together.

W reached Urfa, the city of Prophets, hazarat Eyup and Hazarat Ibrahim.  I learnt about the city, it is with more than 490,000 inhabitants in south-eastern Turkey and Capital of Shanhurfa Province, mixed with Turkish, Kurdish and Arab population, situated on plain about 80 km east of the Euphorate River. Climate is extremely hot like Delhi, dry summer and cool, moist winter.

For Armenians, Urfa is holy place; they believed that Armenian Alphabet was invented there. According to tradition, Nimrod had immolated Hazrat Abraham on a funeral pyre, but God turned the fire into water and the burning coals into fish. The pool of sacred fish remains to this day. Many people come and visit because of the religious belief and many come touristic and research point of view as it has exotic inhabitants, and middle east essence.


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