My first Photography !!


About writeyourfeelings

We born, we grow up, spend some time here and then die. But in reality, we wish to live forever. Our writings keep us alive forever. Writing never dies. Thousand years ago, people used to draw, paint and use signs to communicate. Living in caves, they drew and painted on rocks in order to preserve knowledge systems for future generations. Written records are the perfect resource of knowledge, through which we not only get to know the cultural, social and political developments in society but also the feelings and thoughts associated with individual. Overtime, humans developed many other ways to store and transmit information. Writing gives us access to knowledge. Writing is an activity of absolute freedom of an individual. So let’s write our feelings.. Let’s come together and express our ideas, feelings and views through writing.
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4 Responses to My first Photography !!

  1. Hakan says:


  2. rajiv jena says:

    nice click com..

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